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In the 21st century, the border between a fictional world and the real world has become increasingly permeable. If you’re working on VR content or designing a game, you know that the latest technology makes it possible to construct a completely artificial world. It can include medieval or fantasy dreamscapes, mythical creatures, and far away galaxies. Of course, just like with any other type of media, the perfect audio is so important. The pros at FirstCom Music break down different styles of VR content and help you find the music to match.

Take Your Audience on an Adventure

In your virtual world, anything is possible. Production music for virtual reality should work in concert with visuals to provide a sense of space and mood. Sound libraries, like the FCAnimated production music for VR, contain a variety of tracks that are ideal for games, storytelling, or as backing tracks in other VR content. Send shivers up your audience’s spine with spooky, dark tracks, prepare for the action of battle with a thumping beat and a strong, purposeful melody, or signal feelings of peace and serenity with a whimsical orchestral arrangement. FirstCom Music offers the largest stems library in the industry with nearly 20,000 tracks broken into layers for precision editing to make sure your VR world really comes to life. 

Create an Otherworldly Gaming Experience

The only real limit of the virtual world is the imagination of the people who design it. Whether you’re going for unmatched realism, like putting your audience on the field of a pro football game, or creating a fairytale kingdom of dragons, knights, and royalty, the audio tracks you choose will have a huge impact on the effectiveness of your content. Bring your viewers to a devilish locale with suspense and horror music for virtual reality and give them a shocking experience that will leave them with nightmares for weeks to come. Magical music for fantasy production and VR is perfect for a mystical story with dragons and kings that captures your audience’s fantasies and imagination and don’t forget about sound effects.

Get the Adrenaline Pumping

When the action heats up in your game or content, you need a sound bed that will elevate your viewer’s blood pressure. Get them pumped up for that big battle with a thunderous soundtrack featuring driving beats, or up the intensity with an intense orchestral score that seems to be locked into an endless crescendo. Of course, not every game is full-blown action 100% of the time. Chill out cut music between battles is an effective way to keep your audience engaged in the story.

Give Yourself Plenty of High-Quality Options

FirstCom Music has an impressive library full of original works and genuine archival recordings. We’ve been supplying the gaming industry and VR content field with quality audio since day one. You have music needs. We have music solutions. Let’s connect.

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