If you’re creating content on a shoestring budget, you might be looking to cut corners wherever you can. Royalty free music for videos, films, games, and podcasts might seem like the best bet if your production budget is down to its last dollars, but there are some big advantages to using licensed production music. In the end, music licensing options like blanket licenses and needle-drop agreements could even save you money. Read more, and we’ll explore the pros and cons of using royalty free background music vs. using licensed production music in your next production.

Free Is a Great Price

It’s hard to beat free, right? While there are some places on the internet that you can find absolutely free tracks to use, they generally aren’t supposed to be used in commercial productions (and often they may not be super high-quality). With most royalty free stock music, you’ll pay upfront, usually anything from $50 up to thousands of dollars, depending on the composition. This can still be much cheaper than buying a license for access to a full production music library, especially if you only need a basic track or two, but most top-level libraries also offer higher quality tracks for single-use needledrop licensing. If you’re sourcing audio for a bigger project that will need dozens of tracks, this can add up really quickly. Did you know that royalty free music is often only cleared for use in very specific ways? Production music licenses allow you to customize how you use the music, so you know you are covered.

You Get What You Pay For

For both commercial uses or production music for students (licensing for education), licensing your music can end up preventing a number of headaches. You’ll know that your project is not at risk of breaking copyright laws, that it’s eligible for broadcast or distribution, and it won’t be removed from streaming sites/services. Royalty free commercial music might seem like a smart move until these issues arise. By purchasing a license, you’ll have the irrefutable right to use your audio on your project, for either an agreed-upon length of time or for a number of plays. At FirstCom Music, most licensing agreements work like subscription services and allow you access to a variety of ultra high-quality recordings.

Work With an Industry-Leader

When you work with an industry-leading company like FirstCom Music, you can be 100% certain your project is ready to hit the airwaves or internet, without any legal hassles. Background music for your productions is available with either blanket licenses or needle-drop licenses, which makes it easy to find a pricing structure that will work for your needs.

We’ve been supplying the TV, film, radio, advertising, video game, and podcasting industries with elite audio tracks for 40 years. You may not realize it, but you’ve definitely heard our work. Find out what FirstCom Music can do for your next project today.

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