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No other Western holiday has as much music associated with it as Christmas. As we all know, it is the biggest shopping season of the year, so it’s no wonder that a wide variety of Christmas music makes it into thousands of ads. Christmas commercial music sends a clear signal to consumers– the holidays are here, and you need to buy presents. In fact, you can think of most secular Christmas music as being essentially jingles for the shopping season. When you’re choosing music for your holiday ads, the sheer amount of choices can seem overwhelming. Here are some different approaches you can take to selecting the right Christmas production music for advertising, depending on the style of your content.

Get the Kids Excited

For starters, think about your audience. Many holiday ads are directed at children since getting them excited about a must-have toy is the best way to get their parents to buy it for them. Music for Christmas commercials that is whimsical, up-tempo, and familiar will fill their hearts with anticipation for a magical Christmas morning. Ensure that they plead for that perfect present (and wake their parents up super early on Christmas morning), with a memorable ad featuring the ideal soundtrack.

Play Up the Nostalgia Factor

If you’re aiming your ad content towards an adult audience, it might be a good idea to play off nostalgia. Production music for holidays can often invoke powerful memories of the past with family, ripping open presents. Help them remember the joy of Christmas as a child, and they’ll associate your product with some of the happiest moments of their youth. This also applies if you’re working on an ad campaign for broadcast, streaming, or film. Remind them of the Christmas specials of the past, and they’ll likely tune in.

Add a Touch of Romance

Think about who gets the biggest Christmas gift in your life. Kids aside, it’s usually your spouse or partner who gets treated to the most expensive present. Christmas ad music can be romantic, epic, and passionate. From selling classics like jewelry and perfume to cars and consumer electronics– the romantic angle is often a smart direction to take with your advertising content. From tender acoustic renditions of the holiday standards to lighthearted melodies and soaring, symphonic arrangements, there are many different routes to take. Browse an extensive library and find the exact soundtrack that fits with your spot.

Use High-Quality Christmas Stock Music

FirstCom Music has been supplying the advertising industry with premium audio for over four decades. We know exactly how important great music is to an ad spot, and we have a wealth of options to choose from. Music licensing for Christmas ads includes needle-drop pay-per-use licensing, as well as blanket licenses that allow you unlimited use of your audio for a predetermined amount of time. Licensing music will help you avoid copyright issues that may keep your ad off the internet or the airwaves. Create a compelling ad and get it to your target audience with licensed audio from FirstCom Music.

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