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Every March, the who’s who in the tech, film, and music world converge on Austin, TX for the annual South by Southwest (SXSW) festival. Whether you’re an up and coming musician, an indie film director, or a tech industry superstar, chances are you’ll be rubbing elbows with colleagues, networking with potential new investors, and enjoying the nightlife on 6th Street. From live panels to epic concerts, branded online content, and intimate jam sessions – there’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes. If you’re charged with either producing content or an event, you’ll need the right audio backdrop.

Present a Panel of Industry Insiders

Panel discussions are always a unique experience. Getting to hear the advice and trade secrets of the pros is invaluable and chatting with artists about their work is every fan’s dream. If you’re producing one of these events, you’ll need music for introducing participants, and for opening and concluding the talk. If you’re repackaging the discussion as a podcast, you’ll need even more audio at your disposal. Music for SXSW panels, like the Indietronic album for festivals from FirstCom Music, is perfect for these types of events.

Cut & Background Music for Your Content

Live music sessions are also popular during South by Southwest. Record labels can use these as a way to reach the millions of fans who can’t make it to Austin. Music for SXSW sessions can signal that a new session is starting or serve as a backing track while your host chats with the musicians. Whether you’re streaming online or working on a bigger production that will air after the festival is over, you’ll need sound beds to serve as background audio.

Leave a Lasting Impression

We all know great songs get stuck in our head. Your audience might not end up humming the background track to your branded content in the shower, but it does create atmosphere for your event, and helps your audience focus. Licensing music for SXSW ensures that you have the legal right to use premium audio in your production. From music for Film & TV awards shows and festivals that is ideal for screening a new film to mellow, pulsing sound beds that fill in the gaps of your podcast, you’ll need elite audio to fully connect with your audience. Don’t miss out on authentic Indie made by local musicians, like the Songs From Austin, TX project, or track ‘The Austinite’ by Grammy-nominated composer Adrian Quesada of the Black Pumas.

Work with High-Quality Audio Only

FirstCom Music has been supplying the entertainment and advertising industry with high-quality audio tracks for four decades. From action movies to comedy podcasts, TV commercials, and news broadcasts, we’ve done it all. We have large libraries of new and unique music and genuine archival recordings that smaller companies cannot match. If you need music tracks for SXSW-related content or live productions, we’re sure to have audio that will fit perfectly. We offer many different licensing agreements, including blanket subscriptions and pay-per-use, “needle-drop” agreements. Let’s create something amazing together.

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