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Making people laugh isn’t easy. In fact, comedy can be one of the most difficult film genres to pull off. Simply having good actors deliver funny lines might not be enough. For example, timing is crucial in terms of how a script lands, and the soundtrack is a critical component that affects the feel and pacing of your film. Comedy background music for short films can be used to transition between shots, fill in the background during scenes without dialogue, or serve as an audio backdrop to a classic montage scene. At FirstCom Music, we have an immense comedy production music library. We realize that narrowing down your choices won’t always be easy, especially if you’re working on a short film where every second counts. Here are a few approaches to take when choosing your comedy soundtrack.

Lighten Up the Mood

This is supposed to be fun, right? Background music for films often serves to put the audience in a particular headspace. Futuristic sound for sci-fi, hard-hitting beats for action, a sorrowful string arrangement for dramas– audio is as much a part of the scene as the backdrop and physical props. Many producers and sound editors prefer lighthearted, goofy audio tracks with a bouncy and carefree feel for comedy. Get your audience primed to have their sides split with laughter with the right intro music.

Or not…

Of course, not all modern comedies call for wackiness. Today, plenty of comedies feature sardonic humor, ridiculous awkwardness, and dark jokes which are quite popular with writers and audiences alike. You probably don’t want a bouncing tuba-driven track with a straightforward melody for this type of mood. Comedy production music can be anything under the sun, as long as it fits with the visuals and script. If the feel of your project is more dry wit than slapstick, you might want to choose audio that works with that, instead of more obviously comedic audio.

Land the Joke with Sound Effects

Music is one thing, but sound effects are important too, depending on the kind of film you’re producing. Completely off-the-wall, zany comedies, especially animation– or movies with a lot of physical comedy, need the right sound effects. Comedy sounds for short films can act as an exclamation point for the punchline or emphasize the physical humor. You don’t want to overdo it with sound effects in a live-action film because it can come off as overly cheesy. However, if cheesy is what you’re looking for, it can’t hurt to go bonkers with the sound effects.

Work With Licensed Audio

Whether you’re producing a silly cartoon, a heartwarming rom-com, a spoof of a popular film, or a dark comedy, you’ll need to work with licensed audio. Luckily, FirstCom Music makes music licensing for short films easy. Choose from a range of licensing agreements and find the deal that will fit your project’s budget and needs– so you’ll be able to distribute your project without worrying about copyright issues.

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