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The novel coronavirus pandemic is shining a spotlight on medical professionals on the front line and in the research lab. From news reports that cover it to ads designed to honor EMTs, nurses, and doctors, there is a lot of content being generated about the pandemic. Of course, medical dramas, pharmaceutical advertising, and medical educational videos are always big business, even during normal times.

The one thing all these types of content need? High-quality medical background music. Here are some tips from the pros at FirstCom Music on choosing the right production music for medical-related films, shows, podcasts, and web content.

Serious & Scientific

When you close your eyes and think of the intro to a TV series set in a hospital, you might hear the blip of the various machines found in the ER or ICU. Experienced producers know that music is a great way to orient your audience. Synth-driven audio that approximates the sounds of these high-tech machines while adding a touch of melody and rhythm will give your viewers or listeners a solid sense of location.

From subtle beats that sound like a beating heart, memorable themes that will reinforce brand recognition and short bursts of cut music, there’s a large variety of audio to create a mood or a point of view that is serious, scientific, and even uplifting.

Prominent, Not Distracting

So how do you narrow down these choices and find the music that fits best with your production? First, think of whether you want the music to play a central role or act as support for the script. Music for medical documentaries might include a title sequence that stands on its own, sound beds that play under dialogue and cut music for between scenes. For pharma advertising, you might want to stick with something simple and catchy, and simply pull it down in the mix while the voice-over plays.

Your goal is to evoke images of scientific progress, whole-body healing, and dedicated medical professionals. You want your music to elevate your entire production, without distracting from its other audio elements.

Give Yourself Choices

Elite audio sets a professional production apart from an amateur project, whether it’s a feature-length movie or a 20-second ad. Choosing the right music isn’t always easy, and it helps to have a wealth of high-quality options at your fingertips.

FirstCom Music has been providing the advertising, podcast, TV, film, radio, and web content industries with soundtracks, backing tracks, cut music, themes, and sound beds for four decades. We have a diverse library that includes remastered archival recordings and unique new tracks, and a range of licensing agreements to fit your needs and budget.

Looking for more info on audio for medical themed productions? Read more on music for healthcare-related content from the experts at FirstCom Music.

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