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For a lot of people, summer is the perfect season. It’s a time for family vacations, being outdoors, and generally letting loose. It’s no wonder that many advertisers hope to capitalize on this by associating their brand with these good feelings. If you’re producing summer-related content– for an ad spot, a podcast, a film, or a webisode, you’ll need summer stock music that will form the right audio backdrop to your work. Here are some angles to consider when choosing your tracks.

Summer Fun on a Bun

Summertime is the season of backyard cookouts, fireworks displays, and catching a wave. If your content is a lighthearted comedy or an advertisement, you may want to capture this fun and carefree season with upbeat tracks for summer days. This summer production music is ideal for invoking a sense of happy nostalgia. Connect your product or show with an audience who yearns for the good times.

Hot Music for Long Hot Days

Man, it’s a hot one. It almost feels like it’s seven inches from the midday sun. As the mercury rises, the action on camera heats up. Wearing next to nothing, hanging out by the water, it’s the perfect time for spicy, sensual sound beds. Turn up the heat with a sweet groove or get your audience in a dancing mood with an infectious Latin beat. With the right audio, you can make the sweltering dog days of summer come to life for your viewers or listeners.

Chill Out for Romantic Nights

Walking around the lake under a pale moon with your summer crush by your side. Knowing that August will be over soon, and you’ll never have another chance. Leaning in for that first kiss– it’s a powerful memory and one that advertisers would love to connect to their branding message. If romance is in the air on a hot summer night, you’ll need a soundtrack that sets the scene, whether it’s the end of an indie film, a TV commercial, or a story-telling podcast.

Is Royalty Free Music Worth It?

A lot of creatives wonder whether it’s worth it signing up with a large production music library when royalty free music is so accessible. The answer depends on your needs, but summer royalty-free music has a few drawbacks. For one, there often aren’t as many high-quality tracks to choose from, since the artists who make the music have less of a financial incentive.

By licensing music from a company who own all the rights to the music, you’re buying into an ecosystem that offers more unique professional-quality tracks. You give yourself more options when you’re sitting down to work, and you can be sure that you’re using tracks that are expertly produced and recorded.

Whether you need happy summer stock music for productions, slow romantic ballads, or production music for summer ads, FirstCom Music offers a variety of licensing agreements, from blanket subscription licenses to single pay-per-use licenses. Don’t let subpar audio quality, a copyright issue, or a lack of options derail your production.

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