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From a buzzer-beating three-pointer to an epic goal-line stand that preserves a victory– sports highlights are moments that are packed with excitement, triumph, and defeat. How can you add even more drama to the equation? With the right audio, of course. The experts at FirstCom Music have already covered the topic in our Background Music for Sports Highlight Videos blog post, but that included info on sports news productions, as well as hype music for crowds. In this post, we’ll devote our attention solely to selecting good music for sports videos that highlight heroic acts of athletic prowess. This is all about the best of the best– the catches, hits, goals, and strikeouts that will be remembered for decades.

The Thrill of Victory

From Major League baseball to roller derby leagues, teams are always looking to rile up fans by producing content that shows off their skills and their power. The right highlight video song can evoke success, strength, and confidence– all in the face of adversity. The crucial moments when a game is won, and a season becomes destined to go down in the history books– deserve an audio accompaniment worthy of champions. Whether you go with orchestral arrangements or modern electronic music, the choice is up to you. With background music for sports highlights that fit the moment, you’ll capture the pride and the bliss that come from winning a hard-fought victory.

The Agony of Defeat

Of course, not every season ends in a championship run. Some of the best teams and individual competitors have come up short at the end. All in all, you can’t have joyous victory celebrations without someone losing. The good news is, losing can serve as motivation for your team to work harder, and for your fans to root louder. A highlight video that captures your squad’s successes, even if they fall short of a championship, might feature somber harmonies, subtle, prodding sound beds, and minor key melodies. You probably don’t want to make the mood too depressing, but the anguish of defeat is also part of the game.

Put an Exclamation Point on a Big Hit

Win or lose, there are always amazing plays that happen during sporting events. As we’ve mentioned in our Highlight Music for Football Videos blog post, an exceptional soundtrack can put an exclamation point on the season’s best. Music can be used to build suspense as well, leading to an exceptionally dramatic moment when everything is on the line. Find music that builds as the battle on the gridiron, diamond, court, or ice intensifies, and you’ll set up that play like it’s a legendary moment– even if it’s just a great catch at a rec league softball game.

Work With the Best Audio Around

Professional productions require premium audio. Whether you’re looking for instrumental highlight music for sports videos, or a soundtrack for your ad, movie, or podcast, you’ll find it in FirstCom Music’s massive libraries. With 40 years of experience in the production audio field, we know how to deliver the stock music that will take your project to the next level. Find out more about licensing options from FirstCom Music.

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