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Every day new and exciting discoveries are being made, new theories of the universe are emerging, and our understanding of what is possible continues to grow. It is certainly an exciting time to be alive, especially if you’re into science and technology. Science documentaries can help spread fascinating new concepts to the masses and enrich all of our lives. Of course, like any other production, these cutting-edge docs need the right soundtrack. Science documentary music can do much more than fill in the audio space between narrators and subjects. Read on as the audio pros at FirstCom Music discuss the impact that the right soundtrack can have on your next production.

Invoke a Sense of Wonder

In the information age, there’s always something new to discover. It’s possible to get lost in the hard science of tech, and it’s good to step back now and then and marvel at the complexities of our world. With the right background music for documentary films, you can help your audience feel the thrill of exploring distant planets, observing the microscopic or quantum world, or unlocking computer technology that will make today’s machines look like abaci in comparison. Audio can help your viewers see science with a level of curiosity and intrigue that will make your content impactful and fulfilling. If you’re doing a series of documentaries, consistent technology background music can also help improve brand recognition, which will help your projects stand out from the pack.

Hold Your Audience’s Attention

Music can improve audience attention, which is essential if you’re trying to explain dense material in a classroom setting. Even if you’re producing short YouTube videos, the right audio can help your viewers zone in on the information being presented. They’ll retain new facts, understand new concepts, and walk away with a new understanding of their world. The right tech and science background music should be futuristic and otherworldly, without distracting from the script. Fill in the void between your featured experts, find the right sounds for an animation that shows science in action, or smooth over transitions between scenes. Background music for science documentaries will improve the flow and pacing of your project.

Step into the Future with Licensed Music

Behold, the music of tomorrow, today! Computerized sounds, electronic rhythms that sound robotic and mechanical, soaring melodies that seem as if they were intercepted from an alien broadcast– science doc music is simply thrilling. When you settle on the right score, you’ll feel like your project is finally complete. By obtaining the legal rights to use your audio, you’ll make sure to avoid copyright issues that can delay release and distribution. FirstCom Music makes it easy to license music for documentaries, even if you’re on a shoestring budget. Choose from pay-per-use, needle drop licenses or subscription-style blanket licenses that allow you unlimited use of your audio for a set period of time. Step into the future with a high-quality, licensed soundtrack.

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