When you visit an extraordinary place, it is a life-changing experience. Of course, conveying this sense of wonder, romance, and intrigue into video content can be difficult. Background songs for travel videos can make a difference when it comes to making an impact on your audience. Choosing the right background music for travel videos will help your viewers get into the mindset of someone who is there with you– whether it’s an exotic island in the South Pacific, or a historical city in Europe, like Venice or Barcelona.

Travel is a Growing Industry

The travel industry is growing for a variety of reasons. Younger generations are placing more value on experiences and less on purchasing consumer goods. From Instagram influencers who are always seeking that epic selfie that will earn thousands of likes, to fickle foodies who will travel the globe in search of the perfect meal– people are taking advantage of low airline fares, ride-sharing apps, and house-sharing services like Airbnb to experience everything that other cultures have to offer.

If you’re working for a startup company based in the travel industry, making ads for a chain of popular resorts, creating content for travel sites or airlines, or just looking to upgrade your status as an influencer, you’ll find the best music for travel videos can take your production to the next level.

Capture a Sense of Place

Ideally, you want to capture a sense of place, without distracting too much from the video content and script (if there is one). From international travel background music from around the world to hip, urban beats– the right audio backdrop can orient your viewers in a place without grabbing too much attention. After all, your point is to highlight the travel experience, dining, and culture of a region, not to make a music video.

Create Something Truly Memorable

We have a way of associating sounds with places, and as a producer, you can use that to your advantage when creating travel-related content. Libraries like the Travel Chronicles album for travel videos from FirstCom Music feature audio that can accompany almost any setting– from a bustling marketplace to wide open plains and soaring mountainscapes. When the video, script, and audio soundtrack come together perfectly, your content will inspire viewers to follow in your footsteps.

Choose from an Impressive Library of Audio

Choices matter with any content, but especially with productions that are meant to capture an audience’s imagination and sense of wonder. At FirstCom Music, we have a large library of background songs for travel videos that will give you the options you need to find the ideal audio. You may not know our name, but you’ve heard our work. We’ve been supplying the film, advertising, TV, radio, and podcasting industries with high-quality audio for four decades.

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