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In the entertainment, news, and advertising industries, pro-quality audio is an essential part of any production. If you’re in radio or podcasting, audio is the only thing that matters. The sounds we hear when we consume media of any type, from a radio show to a feature film, all come from somewhere. When it comes to music, it’s standard practice to purchase the rights to pre-recorded tracks. This is where production music enters the conversation. The FirstCom production music library contains thousands of tracks from a wide variety of genres and offers a range of different licensing agreements, depending on the needs of the project.

What Does Production Music Mean?

How is production music different from a song by your favorite artist? With popular music (including everything from disco to heavy metal), modern classical music, and jazz, publishing rights are usually split between the publishing company, the composer or composers, and the lyric writer or writers (if applicable). This means that licensing this type of music involves negotiating and paying different parties, making the process much more difficult and costly.

With production music, all of the publishing rights are owned by the company. Instead of getting paid via royalties, the artists who compose and record production music work on a for-hire basis. This allows companies like FirstCom Music to offer high-quality audio recordings with a simple licensing process and at rates that make financial sense for studios, production teams, and freelancers.

How to Choose the Best Production Music

Now you know what production music is, how do you choose the right tracks for your project? There’s no easy answer to this– start by exploring online production music libraries. You’ll find curated playlists arranged by style, theme, and mood, to help you narrow down your choices. Sometimes, you know exactly what you’re looking for, and it’s only a matter of listening to a few tracks before you find it.

Other times, making a decision can be difficult. If you’re having difficulty finding the right audio, try to keep an open mind and experiment with different tracks. Sometimes finding out what doesn’t work can offer clues to what will.

Work with Leading Production Music Companies

Industry leaders like FirstCom Music offer an impressive online production music library that includes just about every style of music you can think of. Your production music search isn’t complete when you find the right tracks, however. You still need to select a licensing agreement that makes sense for your production’s budget and needs.

FirstCom Music makes obtaining music rights and music licensing for videos easy by offering pay-per-use licenses, blanket licensing agreements that allow for unlimited use over a set period, as well as custom options. Find the right soundtrack, speak to our experts about the best licensing plan for your budget, and release your content into the world. With music licensing from FirstCom Music, you can rest assured you won’t run into audio copyright issues that may delay or derail your project. Speak to our team via Live Chat today for a free quote or advice on licensing options available to you.

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