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If you’re looking for Christmas stock music for your video production or ad spot, you’ll find a wide range of both familiar and surprising choices available at FirstCom Music. From soaring, symphonic tracks to festive, sing-along carols and somber religious hymns, our production music for holidays offer a range of moods and styles for every form of celebration. Whether you’re a veteran of the industry or working on your first-ever commercial, you know the sound bed you choose will have a huge impact on your viewers’ ability to connect with your content or product.

Filmmakers working with a script that centers on a holiday story will need a soundtrack that sets the scene properly. It’s imperative to use the right sonic backdrop for your production to reach its potential.

Choose the Right Christmas Production Music

Express the excitement of opening gifts in the morning with a lighthearted, jovial sound bed, or add an air of romance as the newlywed couple spends their first Christmas together. Associate your product with memorable holiday moments, or use an upbeat track to compliment a hectic scene as a large family gathers for a Christmas feast.

Advertisers kick it into high gear around the holiday season, and for good reason, as some retailers report almost a third of their yearly sales come in the weeks leading up to the holiday. Finding the right music for Christmas commercials and advertising can have a big impact on boosting your holiday-season bottom line. It often makes sense to A/B test a few different backing tracks with a group of colleagues or friends before settling on the right soundtrack. You may get lucky and experience that magical moment when you hear the right track that just clicks and immediately becomes the perfect choice.

Browse Diverse Christmas Music for Productions

At FirstCom Music, you’ll find a large selection of holiday tracks for your spot, including both well-known traditional Christmas songs for productions, and new, original compositions that sound unmistakably contemporary while still conveying the spirit of the season.

We all remember those classic cinema moments or great ads from when we were kids. Now is your chance to make content that will stick with your viewers for years to come, but you’ll need exceptional audio to really establish a deep connection with your work.

FirstCom Music has more new music than virtually any other resource, as well as genuine archival music that new players in the industry can’t deliver. You may not realize it, but you probably hear music from us every single day. We’ve been supplying the film, television, advertising, and content creators with professional-quality audio for almost 40 years, and we’re sure to have a track that will work with just about any spot you can imagine. You have music needs. We have music solutions. Let’s connect.

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