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Whether we’re gaga for Valentine’s Day, or prefer to celebrate Singles Awareness Day with your friends, we all know that the advertising industry kicks into high gear around this time of year. Sex sells, love sells, and companies are looking to cash in after a relatively slow period following the holidays. If you’re creating content, either ads for TV, radio or the web, or films, shows or podcasts that are focused on this unique holiday, you’ll need the right production music for Valentine’s Day. Here are some of the main types of V-Day audio that you’ll find when you start your search.

Passionate, Romantic, Unwavering Love

Invoke feelings of commitment, devotion, and passion with romantic music for productions. Whether you’re looking for a soundtrack to a movie or TV episode that focuses on a young couple finding true love in the most unlikely of places, background music for a podcast that covers real stories of adoration, or creating an ad for expensive jewelry, you’ll find the right audio can stir your audience’s emotions. Leave your viewers or listeners with tears in their eyes with slow, beautiful melodies that can be either sad or triumphant.

Attraction and Intrigue

If you’re looking to add some sex appeal to your Valentine’s Day content, you should select romantic tunes for Valentine’s Day productions that are designed to get your audience’s hearts beating. Strong beats, sultry basslines, and warm and soft synth beds will underscore content that’s designed to awaken your audience’s desires. Is it just us, or is it getting hot in here?

Lighthearted Crushes and Friendships

Ok, so V-Day isn’t just about love and sex, there’s a lighter side as well. From a meet-cute scene in a rom-com to programming that’s aimed at kids, there’s plenty of content out there that’s not so serious. Romantic comedy music for Valentine’s Day productions features audio tracks that range from lighthearted and carefree, to upbeat and cheery, to just plain goofy. Find the right backing tracks for puppy love-style romance and connect your audience with the season without seeming too weighty or overly passionate.

Work With a Range of High-Quality Options

Looking for the right sonic backdrop for your production can be difficult, and there’s no magic method for choosing the right audio quickly and easily. It pays to take the time to really understand the vibe and emotion that you’re trying to convey, and listen to a lot of different options. At the end of the day, it’s ultimately a gut decision.

At FirstCom Music, we have an extensive library of theme songs, soundtracks, cut music, sound beds, and audio effects that are perfect for Valentine’s Day productions, whether you’re looking to break hearts or put a smile on your audience’s faces. Let’s create something amazing together.

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